The original RoCker

My two Favorite things in one:3


My two Favorite things in one:3


Men, and women. Women are like fingers they are easy to count on, men are like muzzles because they will try to shut you up, women are like puzzles confusing and all over the place, men are like vows easily broken, women can fake orgasms, but men can fake love.

Ways to get rid of me

Option a) shoot me

Option b) scream at me

Option c) ninjas

I thought he already knew about it.

Not optional

Some people say if u can’t beat them join them, I say can’t beat them- beat them because they will except you to join them and you have the element of suprise!


Here somewhere in the heart of me still cares, and I’ll still take the best you got even though Im sure its not the best for me. When your born a lover born to suffer. Like all soul sisters and soul brothers. I can see the danger signs they only help to undermine your beauty. Im looking for an easy ride, true love can not be tried. When your born a lover, born to suffer, like all soul sisters and soul brothers. You can take your time, I’ll be standing in line. You dont even have to give me the time of day. When your born a lover born to suffer like all soul sisters and soul brothers

"The greatest thing you will ever learn is to love and and be loved in return" :)

My horrible experience!

Today my fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them -.-


Hey Sara,
You are one of the best people I know, the one I can count on to help me get through something even after being an asshole. I said it before an I know you hate it but I’m sorry. I think your the best kind of person among the rest of us you stand out. I read the posts and well keep your head up and your eye on the horizon. Just thought I would say it.

Bleak attempt

Ok the other day I bought this girl whom I like, a pearl necklace. Granted I know you can’t buy love but you can open some doors. The thing I’s though I gave it to her and she loved it, yet she can’t date anyone one. So I guess I can’t help but feel a little let down but whatever here’s to the night. A ballad of sorts, at this point tomorrow will come soon. A mind set in confusion, distress, and utmost disappointment . But no man can run forever from
An unrelenting truth. A not so secret, secret I suppose. Nothing I’s wasted, nothing I’s solved by going away. I’ll just keep going back until there I’s no were to go.